Why we created it

Ting was created to serve the people we love.  The idea first came to us, when we volunteered at the long-term care ward at the local hospital.  When we go on outings with residents the first stop was always the local coffee and tea shop.

The residents are all in wheelchairs with varying degrees of mobility and all loved getting a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and a donut.

What we saw was missing was that there was nowhere to hold the donut and the drink tumbler.  Donuts would get squished in their hands and the drinks would end up spilling or be thrown out before they had gone very far in their travels.

And the idea of the Ting Drinks Caddy was born.

Our Why…

“Ting was created to serve the people we love.  The idea first came to me, when I was volunteering at the long-term care ward at the local hospital.  I would go on outings with residents and always, the first stop was Canada’s favorite coffee shop.” – Tom Pullam – Founder

Tom is a great tinkerer.  Always building something and Tom’s inventions are designed to make life easier.  This is one of Tom’s gifts.

“I recall when my parents were involved with archery, they shot the long bow.  Well, sometimes your arrow doesn’t hit the target and you end up walking thru the woods and fields searching for your arrow.

So Tom created a metal rod that fit in the arrow case.  It had a little hook on the end.  You would sweep it through the grass, along the ground to find your arrows.  (Arrows are expensive; you don’t leave them behind easily).

Soon Tom was making these for everyone in his long bow association, he would make them and donate them for raffle draws at longbow shoots.  But he never marketed them and sold them.

When it came to creating the Ting Drinks Caddy…. Tom thought, what if they had something portable?  What if it was easy and quick to install, that the volunteers could do it in seconds for everyone on the bus.  That the people in the wheelchair could install themselves and that it is easy to do with limited mobility.  What if there were drink holders for the residents on the handi-bus? He created a prototype for one of the residents.  She loved it!  Thus the Ting was born. – Kristine Mclean, Customer Service Champion.

I want one !

Ting is the perfect accessory for your drinks for your wheelchair. Get one!

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